Thunder Mountain Trading Company

Welcome one and all to Thunder Mountain Trading Company, your internet source for truly organic Jamaican High Blue Mountain coffees.  Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee I sell and roast Period! Our coffee never picks up flavors from other types of coffee in our roaster. All of our coffee is hand-selected and processed by hand in the blue mountains, without the aid of electricity or chemicals. I visit farmers on the highest peaks of the Blue Mountains with my #1 selector Thunder

to buy directly from small old time organic farmers. This way most of the money stays where the work is being done. I bring only green beans to the US, that I roast one pound at a time for maximum freshness. At Thunder Mountain  fresh coffee and customer service are our standards. All our coffee comes dated with a hand painted pin, Painted by Septon the Rasta Elder

and a note from Fish. If you are looking for real Jamaican High Blue  Mountain Coffee, look no further You are In da place.