Fresh Beans

Give Thanks I have returned once again from Jamaica with some wonderful new coffee beans and some great reasoning on video from Septon and Thunder. Please have a look I will soon be posting more video and pictures of my trip. This year I visited my friend Dr. Syd Gaynor who has recently returned to Jamaica to open the Family Tree  Clinic in Huddersfield near the White River on the coast Highway. I brought much needed surgical gear and supplies to help Dr. Gaynor establish a viable operating room at the local hospital. This is part of what the money you pay for coffee goes towards as well as helping feed the elders and the youth where needed all over Jamaica thanks for all your support

respect every time


Many people ask what do real Rastas believe about Haile Selassie so I asked them in this video

This is Dr.Sydney Gaynor and staff at The Family Tree Clinic in Huddersfield, Jamaica near the White River on the coast highway.

Welcome one and all to Thunder Mountain Trading Company, your internet source for truly organic Jamaican High Blue Mountain coffees.  Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee I sell and roast Period! Our coffee never picks up flavors from other types of coffee in our roaster. All of our coffee is hand-selected and processed by hand in the blue mountains, without the aid of electricity or chemicals. I visit farmers on the highest peaks of the Blue Mountains with my #1 selector Thunder

to buy directly from small old time organic farmers. This way most of the money stays where the work is being done. I bring only green beans to the US, that I roast one pound at a time for maximum freshness. At Thunder Mountain  fresh coffee and customer service are our standards. All our coffee comes dated with a hand painted pin, Painted by Septon the Rasta Elder

and a note from Fish. If you are looking for real Jamaican High Blue  Mountain Coffee, look no further You are In da place.